Khiana L. Washington
Looking Past the Mirror
Everyone has a secret...

Looking Past the Mirror

Looking Past the Mirror
by Khiana L. Washington

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Fifteen-year-old Faith Jordaine has a secret. Then again, who doesn't? But this secret is tearing her apart. She can't eat, sleep, or even breathe without feeling shame and guilt. It's slowly eating at her soul and ruining her life. All Faith wants to do is give up. Forever.

Too much has happened in Faith's young life. Her father hits her, her mother does drugs, and her beloved grandmother has just died of cancer. But Faith and her mother have a chance to start over when her grandmother leaves them the family cottage in Michigan. Time to leave her deadbeat dad and their small North Carolina town behind.

But it's not so easy to change a past heavy with abuse, secrets, and lies, so Faith sinks deeper into a world of drug addiction and self-mutilation. Because she doesn't trust anyone, especially herself, she tells no one, not even her best friend, Hope. It is her secret, her burden to bear.

Redemption beckons from the other side, but Faith doesn't know how to stretch out her arms and receive its gift. She's trying to find herself, the one she used to love, and the one she used to believe in. But it might be too late ...